Special Soul
The Beginning
His Life
In Heaven

It was on Amma’s birthday, 15th January, 1997 ...

He is Dharma
Great Soul Mate
Don´t Grieve

... a cold Saturday morning, over a tea conclave, Appa noticed the advertisement in Kölner Stadt Anzeiger:

We ignored it. But, Appa had decided to call the number and go for it!

The intention was to get the St. Bernard dog as a birthday gift for Amma. This, Appa did. And none of us knew about it. Until 17th January, when we returned from school. It was about 14h30h in the noon. Radhika & I were in my room, waiting for lunch, while we were playing with our rabbits Appu & Amini.

The door bell rang & we were expecting Appa to come home for lunch. Then Amma with an excited voice called out for us, saying: “Look who has come !” Both of us left the rabbits playing in my room and rushed up to see who had arrived. There was a friendly German gentleman looking very much like he spent a lot of time with animals. The front door was open we all stood there & the man called out: “Na komm schon Ben, schau mal ob es dir hier gefällt!” A huge chocolate brown St Bernhard, like we had only seen in Hollywood Movies jumped out with full energy and came running into our house with his ears flapping while he was running. He was wagging his tail with full joy and sniffed us all! He was the most perfect St. Benhard I ever saw. Shiny brown, with a white blaze on his neck and hip, and white paws. And so huge. It was love at first sight. His eyes were full of curiosity.

We instantly fell in love with him.

He directly walked into the living room wildly exploring his new home. His eyes were fixed on the sight of the garden. His wish , we realized, was to run around & play outside in the snow filled garden. So, his owner opened the door to the garden and off Ben went, chasing all the hens and wild rabbits.

His master told us that he was a very loving animal and that he also adored small children. Finally Appa came home with a guest, you could see the sparkling eyes Appa had at the sight of this beautiful dog, Ben immediately came running into the house and let my dad caress him, he knew that my dad was going to be his best friend.

Ben went all around the house dragging in all the autumn leaves and snow with him while he was wagging his huge beautiful while tail. He especially loved entering the kitchen. As he was on his way to my room, I quickly placed the rabbits in their cage fearing that he might, out of instinct, harm them. But, he immediately realized that they we also our friends and just with a lot of curiosity gazed at them.

When his owner was about to leave he whispered “Goodbye” into Bens ears and with tears in his eyes, but at the same time feeling happy that he found a nice home for Ben, he left. Ben not only walked into our home with large mud paw prints but also into our lives and found himself a special place in our hearts!