Special Soul
The Beginning
His Life
In Heaven

His Life

He is Dharma
Great Soul Mate
Don´t Grieve
Because of him, we have learned everything we can about caring for dogs, and now his legacy carries on, and we are still learning.

Often we listen for the jingle of his collar tags, the thump of his tail against our legs or the table. And then we remember, our tears start to fall our best friend crossed the bridge, he has gone to heaven. Ben – so much more than “just a dog”, Ben our precious friend.

Ben - Our furry friend. The heart of our love for dogs. Our companion, our soul mate.

Now we are looking back at what he taught us. He was the dog who started it all. And then he came into our lives and taught us about loving a dog so much it still hurts to type this after he has gone, about caring for a dog and having him be as much a part of our family as anyone else.

Ben crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, after a brief battle with canine hip dysplasia on Friday, July 22, 2005. Although Appa tried everything there was little anyone could do to cure him. Ben finally settled near the person, he adored most, Appa and spent the last minutes of his life peacefully in Appa’s embrace while the doctor laid him to rest, forever.


We miss him a lot. We don't think this pain will ever go away.
Ben was our soul-mate.