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He is Dharma!


He is Dharma
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 After reigning supreme for many years the Pancha Pandavas (five brothers) accompanied by wife Draupadi started for Hialayas renouncing kingdom and all luxuries. A dog also accompanied Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandavas. On the way first Draupadi falls down dead. In response to the question of his brothers Yudhisthira said she fell victim to her special preference for Arjuna!

Next, brothers Nakul and sahadeva died on the way. Yudhisthira said, "They were very proud of their looks and knowledge."

Next, brother Arjuna fell down. He had succumbed to his pride about his mastery in archery.

Then brother Bhima also left the mortal body. Yudhisthira said to himself; "Bhima was excessively infatuated with his eating."

But the dog remained with Yudhisthira.

Soon they reached at the doors of Heaven. The lord of Heaven Indra appeared before Yudhisthira and said: "O noble one, welcome to the kingdom of Heavens. You are most righteous person ever lived on the earth, therefore we are pleased to welcome you. But there is one condition. This dog cannot be admitted to this holy place of heavens. You come alone and leave the dog behind."

To this Yudhisthira objected saying: "O Lord, I cannot leave this holy creature who has accompanied me in all trials and tribulations. Either you admit us both or else I do not need the safety and luxury of your Heaven."

On hearing Yudhisthira speak thus, the dog changed himself in the form of Dharma (righteousness) itself and said: "O Yudhisthira the people in coming generations for time immemorial will praise and remember you as the most righteous person ever born. Come let us enjoy the heavenly bliss."

We will always love you & you have a special place in our hearts


August, 2005

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