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Param Sreekanth Very nicely done site. Ben was very lucky and fortunate to have had such caring and loving people to live his life with.
Regie Paul Lovely website, cretaed in taste, backed by a noble purpose - admiration for and gratitude to Ben. We have started missing Ben too..  Thanks for a glimpse of the children, Mohan.

Jennnifer Hallo
bin druch ein anderes GB auf deine Zauberhafte seite gekommen.
Mach weiter so.
Würde mich über einen Eintarg in unser GB sehr freuen.

Liebe Grüsse aus dem Saarland
Ramakrishna Iyer The tears flow und the hearts connect,
From Bahrain to Germany.

I smile looking at Ben's photos,
I cry thinking of Ben's Life.

Thanks for a GREAT story,
and BOOOOOTIFUL photographs!
Sven Larisch Hallo deine HP ist sehr gut und interessant!! Mach weiterso...!Über einen Gegenbesuch würde ich mich natürlich auch freuen.
Sven und Hund Bella
Rai(s) Our Dear Radhika, Lakshmi, Jayasree, Mohan,

Our apologies for registering late. Abhinav and Kishmish came into the site a number of times on our return from Europe; but could not navigate their way in here.

We join you all in your grief for BEN; But as Reiki says - let us not grieve for him too much - else he will not rest in peace!

He lives in our memories...

Warm Regards.
Steffi Hi
Danke für den lieben GB Eintrag!
Hast auch ne echt tolle Homepage!
Gruss Steffi
Raj We have an adorable dog - Shadow. I can well understand how you all feel after Ben's passing away. I am sure you will cherish his memeories for eternity.
christina Jabs Vielen Dank für den Besuch auf unserer Hp.Ich kann die Trauer um ein geliebtes Haustier gut verstehen.Aber irgendwann hält vielleicht ein anderer Berner Einzug in Euer Haus und wird Euch ebenso viel Freude bereiten. Ich würde es Euch wünschen.
Liebe Grüsse
Christina und Oskar
Angela und Frank Vielen Dank für den Besuch auf unserer Hp. Eure seite ist toll, tut uns leid mit eurem Hund wir wissen wie das ist unser Samy ist auch im August verstorben er war noch nicht einmal 3Jahre alles gute und schaut mal wieder rein Angela und Frank
Sandra Wow, eine wunderschöne Homepage, ich bin gerührt. Mit so viel Liebe gestaltet. EInfach Klasse! Ein dickes Lob von mir!
Angela Hallo,
sehr schöne Seite. Haben auch einen Bernhardiner und eine englische Bulldogge.
Grüße aus Berlin
Santhi Sivakumar Dear Jayu,

Long time since I have written to you. It was really hectic after we
came back from India. We are very sorry to hear about Ben's news. I know it is really sad. Reminds me of how we all felt when Boxer died.


Franz X. Stirnimann Dear Mohan and family
When I strolled with you through the meadows of the Appenzell Alps some years ago in seach of a one of those typical dogs of this area, I noted two things:
1. Your deep love for and understanding of dogs. The dogs. when you approached them, reacted in a surprisingly friendly way, untypical for this race.
2. That these cow-driving rough fellows were not good enough to be able to appreciate the tenderness of your doughter.

Therefore, I was pleased to learn that you made the excellent choice to get a Bernardiner, possibly the finest and most sensitive animals. I deeply deplore the loss and strongly hope that you will find soon another "Ben" with same character and quality.
Best wishes to all of you
Maria Emilia André Dear Jaysree,

Thank you for the e-mail you sent me with the nice site on Ben that was entirely conceived by your talented daughters -- congratulations!   Just pity that Ben has passed away and Lakshmi and Radhika (maybe the whole family) are missing that friendly and very good looking dog so much.
Best wishes,
Maria Emília

Densi,Desina,Elsy und Devis Vad Schade dass der Ben nicht mehr am Leben ist.
Webseite ist gut gestaltet. Die Liebe zu Ben wiederspiegelt hier.
N.  Narayanan Dear Smt. Jayasree, Sri Mohan, Radhika and Lakshmi,

It must have taken a lot of love to put up this memorial to what some may consider 'a mere dog'.

But judging from the postings of your dear friends, the effort has well been worth it.

Laslitha, sundaram web page is beautiful. emotionally set. we are moved
appa; amma
Usha, Raju, Krishna, Arjun Dear family
We share in your loss. Difficult to think of Pesch and home without Ben. It's consolation to know he had such a happy home with you. Surely, what he's given is immeasurable. Yes, dogs do bring out another dimension in our characters and makes us better. Farewell Ben, you touched all our lives and now may you rest in peace.
Usha, Raju, Krishna und Arjun
Torben Larsen Dear Lakshmi and Radhika.

You do not now me, but your very kind and nice father has visited me in Denmark and told me a lot about his nice family and the great dog, Ben.

I am very sorry to hear that Ben is dead. I have a nice dog too, which your father has met, and I therefore fully understand your feelings about Ben. I am very very sorry - but I am sure that Ben now has a great time in heaven.

I hope we can meet sometime so that you can meet my two daughters - Cindy and Melissa - and the dog Kiki and of course my wife Lene.

Lot of warm thoughts from a friend of your father,


PS: I am surprised of your very nice Homepage.  
thiyer I am deeply touched with all that you have written dear Lakshmi and Radhika. I have known Ben well during my visits and have admired him so much as I am a great lover of dogs.

BEN was so kind and friendly and most well behaved. I share your grief and can imagine how life will be so dreary for you without the dear dog.

The poems composed are so cute and original and the words chosen are coming from your heart.

Lots of love,

Iyer Mama and mami
Mammen Jacob und Shereen Jac Our Dear Mohan und Jayashree,

Thank you for sending me "the soulmate". I can understand the sadness you all feel for the loss of Ben. Let us be grateful und Thankful to GOD for givining Ben to us even though it was for a short time, we all enjoyed having him, getting to know him  und love him.Life has to go on but we should always cherish the beautiful things God has given us. With Love und prayers.

M. Jacob

Dr.Layoni und Dr.George Arickal Hallo Dear Ones at Colonia  in Germania,
Wonderful idea and perfect realisation. Ben was so lucky to have You as homemates.
With cordial regards
Layoni und George
Ursula und Jürgen Poeche Liebe Frau Mohan, lieber Mohan, liebe Lakshmi, liebe Radhika,
mit tiefer Anteilnahme haben wir die Nachricht vom Tode eurer geliebten Ben erhalten und fühlen mit Ihnen, dass Ihr treuer Freund und Weggefährte nicht mehr bei Ihnen ist. Sie freudig begrüßt, Ihren Tagesablauf begleitet, Ihr Haus und den Garten bewacht und Ihnen ein Stück Heimat war.
Die Erinnerung am die langen gemeinsamen Jahre mit Ben wird Ihnen Trost in diesen Stunden des Schmerzens über seinen Verlust sein.
Ihre Ursula und Jürgen
Béatrice Delgado Sincerely moved by the depth of your feelings and the quality of your web site. A very sad opportunity indeed to keep in touch with the French friend you met in Zurich... Do you remember ? By making a "katzensprung" to the above mentionned web site, you may remind your -too short- stay in our guest house in Le Martinet. I am also "morning" my beloved dog, Zorro, died last 16/08, after 10 years of shared happiness ( I adopted him from a tierheim where he had been staying 2 years before, abandonned on the motorway between Strasbourg and Mulhouse). Much more than a dog, probably one of my best friend. Not a day without I miss him so much, his noise, his presence. I really know what you mean.... I am sure Ben and Zorro are walking side by side on their way to heaven, still protecting and loving us as we go on loving them... Let's keep in touch. With all my love to you and your dear parents. Béatrice.
Sheela Prasad Dear Jayasree

I am sure you must be missing your wonderful dog. It is indeed very
sad when you lose your pet.

Hope you are back to your routine after your trip
Regards to Athimbar, Lakshmi and Radhika.

Divya Narayan Dear Jayasree, Athimbar, Lakshmi and Radhika,

I just heard about Ben's death. I am extremely sorry to hear that. I
don't know what we would do without our baby Teja. Losing a pet is very sad and I hope all of you can get through your great loss.  Please send the photos and paintings of Ben when possible.

Balaji and Sundar Dear Lakks, Radz

REad the poem 'Home they brought her warrior dead' by Lord Alfread Tennyson. He speaks about a warrior, whose dead body is brought to his house. The lady is too shocked to weep or swoon and all her friends,relatives and well wisher
Gaurav Nanavaty Dear Lakshmi, Radhika, Jayasree and Mohan, Going through the site, one could not help but get emotional. I was fortunate to have met Ben, though only twice. And last April when I came over to your place for dinner, though you did tell me that Ben is growing old but never realised that the end would come so soon. Just a thought - why not think of planting a big tree at the burial site to make Ben immortal? Lots of love to all of you, Gaurav
roya Es tut mir leit das ben Tot ist. Schade weil ich kannte ihn noch nicht
R.Rajaram Dear Lakshmi and Radhika,
You have beautifully described Ben and how he had become an integral part of your life and how he made you all happy.
I can only say that Ben had been exceptionally fortunate to get a house like yours where he was loved and cherished so wholeheartedly ! I am sure he will remember you as much as you do him........Rajaram
Britta Hallo Lakshmi, hallo Radhika,
leider kennen wir uns noch nicht und ich habe auch leider Ben nicht kennen gelernt. Ich liebe Hunde und habe bei meiner besten Freundin leider schon zweimal miterleben müssen, wie es ist, einen Hund zu verlieren. Da ich dort schon fast ein Familienmitglied war und mit den beiden Hunden "groß" geworden bin, habe ich genauso mitgelitten, wie sie auch. Ich kann also gut verstehen, wie sehr ihr um ihn trauert. Wird es einen zweiten Ben geben? Lasst doch mal von euch hören!
Liebe Grüße
Muni Dear Lakshmi und Radhika
It was shocking and surprise for me to know that Ben is no more. I remember Abhilash and Avinash playing with it when we stayed with you during our holidays. Ben gigantic walk still is in my memories. You all of you have proved that 'relationship' is more than anything else in this world, be it with dog or family und friends.
PS: I have not see any better web-page so far. This clearly shows how much you loved Ben.

with kind regards
Muni und Family.
Savita Sreekanth Dear Lakshmi and Radhika,
We are very sorry to hear about Ben.  We had a dog when we were growing up and when she died, it felt like a family member had passed away - and we did not love her half as much as you love Ben!
Hugs from all of us here
Savita Athai, Sreekanth Athimber, Omkar (Stephen) and Rishi

Zsuzanna Paragi Liebe Familie Mohan,
aufrichtiges Beileid. So lange Sie an Ben denken, Sie über ihn sprechen und
sich an ihn erinnern, lebt Ben weiter. Herzliche Gruesse, Zsuzsanna Paragi

Brindha Hariha Dear Lakshmy and Radhika:
Hope you had a great beginning of your school year. I thouroughly enjoyed meeting you both and the conversations we had.Sorry to hear that you had to deal with the loss of your favorite Ben when you got back. I know how much you were looking forward to seeing him again.
However I am glad that you have accepted the loss and have done a beautiful job of memorializing him with all the pictures, poems and quotes. Ben was indeed lucky to have been your pet as you were happy to have had him as your pet.
It would be great if all of you could come and see us in America. May be you
can plan a trip for your next vacation. Please give my regards to you parents.
Karola Thomas Liebe Jayasree, lieber Herr Mohan. liebe Lakshmi und liebe Radhika,
das ist aber eine sehr traurige Nachricht, die ich gestern von Lakshmi in der Schule erfuhr und heute gelesen habe. Offenbar ist Ben, während Ihre Familie in Indien war, so schwer erkr
Lalitha und K.V.Narayanmurti Dear Lakshmi, Radhika, went to the soulmate.com , vow! it is done so well ,excellent work , very very
touching to read  each , every  matters  ,written with  so much feelings , i felt very sad , tears filled my eyes when  read them,i saw  all the photographs  of all
you with your dearest Bethoven he  is looking very very cute , bubbling with full of life ,   

He was in to your family , a play mate ,, what not i know how sad you all  be , but you have a satisfaction that you all took very good care of him, time will slowly heal your sadness , give you always good memories of him feel very happy when you think of  him , going to  bring you
all Good luck'  Best wishes Patti
p.s .Thatha  saw this , said that it is done wonderfully1
Jacobs Our Dear Mohan und Jayshree,

We are so sorry to hear about BEN. I am sure the girls must be heartbroken. There is nothing in the attachment. Could you please repeat the same. With our love und best wishes.


Sudha Mohan Ganapathy   Very sorry to hear about Ben.  Our condolences to all of you, losing a pet is very difficult.  Please post Radhika's oil painting of Ben when you get some time.


Usha Venkat Very saddened to hear of Ben. He seems to have preceded his favourite Mr
Engelbrecht. He had a happy life with you and also spread a lot of
happiness. Will miss him.
Zsuzsanna Paragi Ein lieber Hund war er, ich habe ihn mit der Zeit lieb gewonnen. Sogar ich hatte vor dem großen Ben keine Anst. Ich habe es heute schmerzlich gemerkt, dass ich immer wieder seinen Blick suchte wie früher. Sein Blick ist jetzt anderswo..., in unseren Erinnerungen.